You will soon find out GroupSpot has plenty to offer, but at the same time, it’s fun and easy to use. Before you know it, you will be a high-flying- admin after a few posts. You will quickly see GroupSpot's impact on both admins and members. Admins love GroupSpot because it streamlines communications, saves time, and gets the group off email and group text. Members love GroupSpot because it streamlines their experience by allowing members to set their notifications on a group-by-group basis, engage with relevant content, and check-in and check-out at their leisure. Above all, GroupSpot will help lay the foundation for building your new community.

Here’s a few tips and tricks to hit the ground running. 

Add Some Great Content to Your Feed

First, we recommend bringing your new feed to life by adding some great content. This means taking some time to create a robust feed with several posts before asking people to join the group. These posts are the first thing people see upon arrival and it should be a positive experience.

Take advantage of your new toolbox

One of the great things about GroupSpot is the flexibility and utility you have at your fingertips in every post, starting with a full suite of add-ons to enhance any post. Add attachments to your posts, publish a volunteer signup, create a registration form, take attendance, and poll members on important issues. All of these can be created in-app without ever leaving GroupSpot.

Fill your calendar with your events

Enjoy that same flexibility and utility with event posts by adding RSVP, location, event status, and automated reminders. You can even create a season's worth of recurring events in a single post. And when things change last minute, you have the tools to update the status of your event from scheduled to postponed or canceled. And when things change again, you can update the event status once more by indicating new time, new location, new date and time, or whatever change needs to be highlighted. Remember all events, including games for teams, live on your calendar which can be easily synced to your phone or external device.

Get creative with your content

And let’s not overlook the fun stuff, photos and videos! Visual media is a natural engagement driver. With photos you can create personal and shared photo albums. While a personal album includes just the photos of the post’s author, a shared album is unique in that it allows all members to post their photos to a single album. This is especially valuable on a shared experience like a tailgate, vacation or field trip. And don’t forget to put your best photos on the cover of your album to increase interest. With videos, you can publish up to 60 second videos on GroupSpot. Liven up your feed with your photos and video.

Adjust your group and personal settings

If you didn’t already do so in the group creation process, update your group’s identity – avatar and header images – by tapping into your existing artwork, logos, or photos. Same for adding membership questions in your group settings. On a personal level, you can adjust your personal notifications to your preferences and set your contact visibility to your comfort level.

Other helpful tools in your lower navigation

When you post content, you can post on behalf of your group or post as yourself by choosing your post author. For example, communications like a group social or team meeting are better suited coming from the group, whereas a comment to a post is better coming from you, the individual.

Like email, GroupSpot gives you the ability to save your posts as drafts to publish at a future date. When you’re ready to revisit the post, you can easily access your drafts in the dropdown once you hit the post button or you can head over to your drafts folder in your account settings to update and send.

Silencing a new post notification is a must when posting in the off hours like early morning or late at night. It’s also really helpful if your group has games and you need to enter your team’s schedule. If you don’t need the new content notification, just turn the post silencer on and quietly do your business.

Time to get your group onboard

At this point, you’re feeling good about your new group on GroupSpot. Your feed is populated with great content and your calendar is up-to-date.

Now it’s time to send out your invites. The invite process is super flexible as GroupSpot allows you to send a text, email, or link. Invites are easy to locate and access from your group menu.

Moving Forward

There are a few things we recommend going forward. First, create a regular cadence of content. Try to avoid big gaps in communication so your members have a reason to check the app. Remind them to update their profile and adjust their notifications which can be set on a group-by-group basis in their settings. Set the volume levels for your group to your preference.

Next, when it comes to events on your calendar, we recommend moving them to your feed as the date approaches. Remember, posts are easy to edit if you need to add new details, extra context, or share photos. Also GroupSpot has made it easy to give content more visibility when needed. You can bump existing content to the top of the feed by priority order or more permanently, you can pin your most important posts.

Full suite of communications at your fingertips

Lastly, take advantage of the full suite of communications available to you to help run your group. Push notifications and in-app alerts get used for the more pressing communications while email is still effective for mass reach and the less pressing items. Group chat is also a more casual, lighter way to engage the group. Chat with the full group, smaller group chat, or chat one-on-one. And on the advanced side, you can send those same communications to subgroups of the larger group or sister groups of the main group. Tailor your choice of delivery to match the communication. You have options.

Life is better on GroupSpot

We’re thrilled you’ve created a new group on GroupSpot. We take pride in delivering community for your members, utility for your admins, and privacy for all.

And if you ever need a helping hand, please don’t hesitate to reach out to us at any time at One of our team members would be happy to speak with you. Good luck!