Changing the Author of Your Post

GroupSpot gives admins the ability to post as themselves or as the voice of their group because we know there are times you may need to do both.

1. From the create post screen, locate your avatar in the lower left corner of the navigation bar. Tap the avatar and a drawer appears with two choices: your personal profile and the profile of your group. Select the profile that is the best fit for your post.

2. When it comes to more formal, organized groups who have activities like upcoming meetings and other events, posts can be published on behalf of the group.

3. But when it comes to less formal groups like friend groups or families, you may prefer posts coming directly from you, the individual.

When you post as the voice of the group, there’s also the officialness to the communication. It also gives admins the ability to run things behind-the-scenes with some anonymity which some people like. 

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