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Sports Teams on GroupSpot

It doesn’t matter whether you’re an organized team playing competitive ball, a casual group of friends playing pickup, or a fully supported booster club, GroupSpot will elevate your game and strengthen your community.

Oh, and GroupSpot works great for non-sports teams and booster clubs too…

Step Up Team Communications
“GroupSpot has created a platform that could be a huge resource for many athletic programs or teams. First class customer service and very user friendly. Our daily use helps us stay organized as a program and we would highly recommend it to anyone interested in stepping up their team communications!”
David Valesente
Head Coach, Ithaca Baseball

Player Profiles

Access in-depth Player Profiles with all the most important stats like jersey number, position, and class. Roster profiles also include player and parental contact information, which is especially helpful for coaches and parents looking to contact one another or even carpool.


Whether you’d like to know who made the big play or who you’re sitting next to in the stands, Rosters have replaced the unwieldy lanyards once needed at games. They're easy to use and as self-service as a coach wants them to be. Coaches can edit, delete and merge roster profiles at any time.


The attendance feature allows admins to track member participation across important events. Whether it’s mandatory meetings, summer workouts, or other organized team activity, attendance can be taken quickly and easily. GroupSpot ensures accurate and detailed results by assigning a check-in status (present, excused, late, absent) and a check-out status (left, left early, stayed late) to easily track the participation of each member.

Games, Matches, & Competitions

You now have a quick snapshot of your team results, schedule, and upcoming matchups. And if you’re a full blown program with multiple teams such as a high school, you can easily divide your program into team subgroups, so you can quickly find the relevant information you’re looking for.

Custom Scoreboards

Team scoreboards breathe life into the game day experience. First, scoreboards can be custom designed with your team colors. Then you can update the score once the game gets started, add the time of game, and even provide play-by-play for supporters not at the game. 

We Love Our Members 💙

GroupSpot has been instrumental for our local pickup soccer group. Photos, scores, game recaps, field changes, fun banter… it does it all.”
Dave Castellano, Waldwick Soccer Club
“With three active boys, a full time job, and on the board of many organizations, I love that I have one app with all the information I need. My kids all want to be on GroupSpot so they can see their schedules, check out scores, contact their friends, and be in the flow of information.”
Jamie Carridi, Busy Mom
“Our Triathlon Club loves GroupSpot and as the group organizer and owner, words can’t explain how happy I am we found it. Group communication and organization, SIMPLIFIED & CENTRALIZED. GroupSpot has enhanced our group’s sense of community and overall camaraderie.
Chris Kaplanis, RTA Triathlon Club Organizer
“Having one app for all the practice and game updates has truly made life so much easier! Trying to juggle multiple kids playing multiple sports can get overwhelming so it’s great that GroupSpot helps simplify the day-to-day chaos!!
“GM Joe” Perrapato, General Manager & Middle School Football Coach
“App is smooth and efficient! Great for communication and celebrating the success of our team.”
Chris Fabish, High School Football Coach
“I have a college athlete daughter and have used many platforms for group communication – GroupMe, Remind, TeamSnap to name a few. GroupSpot is by far the most user-friendly and intuitive app around.
Allyson Spencer, College Athlete Parent
“GroupSpot has really helped my program function in multiple ways. My team was able to contact me and get updates on scheduling, media, and more. It’s a great resource for any team big or small.
Maddie Gibbs, High School Soccer Coach
“GroupSpot has been a breath of fresh air to the families of our baseball program and booster club. It has made it very simple to get vital information out to our parents, players, grandparents, fans, and alumni very quickly.”
Doug Aday, High School Baseball Coach
“The app worked great for our team. It’s a great way to get info out to everyone since no one checks emails regularly anymore! So glad we can use GroupSpot on our laptops as well! That was the best enhancement this season.
Dina Dugan, High School Football Head of Communications
More Great Features to Elevate Your Game

Once you’ve wrapped up your current season and you’re ready to move on to the next, GroupSpot lets you easily roll one season into the next.


Attach a signup to any post. You can even assign blocks of time and specific members to the tasks. It’s also easy to undo these assignments if things change.

Player Availability & RSVP

RSVPs extend to players and group members. You can now have an accurate player headcount for the big game and a headcount for the end-of-season BBQ.

Subgroups & Subteams

If you’re running a large sports program, GroupSpot lets you create subgroups and subteams within the larger group. Great for rosters, schedules, and results by team.

Mass Communications

GroupSpot has all the options when it comes to team communications: push notifications, in-app alerts, & emails. For the lighter stuff, you always have team chat. 

Team Chat

GroupSpot provides a full-featured, robust chat experience. You can chat 1:1, multi-person chat, and full team chat with anyone in the group without having them in your contacts.

Say Goodbye to Email and Group Text
“This is the only way my team communicates. Helps us communicate instantly with players, parents, coaches, and alumni for all things like last minute schedule changes, parent volunteers for events, and entire calendar. Love that it is all in one place. We have not had to send an email or text all year!
Greg Russo
Head Coach, Paramus Catholic Football
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