Keeping Up with Scouts Busy Day-to-Day

Serving the many needs of today’s scouts and tomorrow’s leaders

Scouting Groups on GroupSpot

Scouting is a tradition that has stood the test of time. But even something as outdoors as scouting can benefit from technology. Active groups like scouts need a platform to organize their outdoor activities, overnights, and leadership councils. With GroupSpot, now they can live in the moment knowing they can easily access important information ahead of any adventure.

Serving the Many Needs of Scouts
"With the amount of activity and the number of events that our scouting community takes on in any calendar school year, GroupSpot fills a massive need when it comes to day-to-day scout communications and operations. RSVP to ensure an accurate headcount, signups when parent volunteers are needed, attachments and waivers that are easy to locate, shared photo albums that everyone can add to, member directory to find contact information, and an active feed and group chat to share content and engage… All simple but powerful ways GroupSpot delivers for BSA Troop 7."
Bill McCabe
Assistant Scoutmaster BSA Troop 7

Dynamic Feed & Chat

Take advantage of your feed for your bigger ticket items like activities, overnights, and leadership councils. And then there’s chat for the lighter, every day back-and-forth and last minute planning. GroupSpot also makes it easy to navigate between the two depending on the nature of the communication.

Supersized Events

We make creating and managing standalone and recurring events a walk in the park. From dressing up your best events with photos, location, and RSVP, to adding signups, forms and polls. You can even add custom automated event reminders to set it and forget it, or adjust the status of an event if things suddenly change. Perfect for an active group like scouts.

Signups for All Occasions

With such a busy calendar, it’s impossible to run a large scout group without the help of extra hands. This makes Signups an incredibly important feature. Signups can be attached to any post and assigned blocks of time or specific members to any individual task. 

Shared Photo Albums

Turn standard photo posts into shared photo albums so your members can contribute to and download from a centrally located album. This eliminates all the existing problems of trying to easily share photos with a large group. Shared albums are especially engaging and inclusive around any scout activity, overnight, or any other shared experience.

“Nothing can be forgotten, nothing gets lost, and everyone knows what the other is doing.”
– Maren Dickey, Kuno Creative
GroupSpot is wonderful! and that's coming from someone that loved paper school directories, is not techy, and really thought she would hate it when the school rolled this app thing out.”
Monte Young, NOLA Church
“We can see exactly what needs to be done and when. We were missing tasks and deadlines before we found Basecamp. We're much more efficient now.”
Ginny Brideau, Metro
“Everything has a place and I don't have to sift through email threads. Got new client on board with Basecamp and it's working nicely. Really like the folders so I can stash wireframes, grabs, etc. in their own space.”
Andrew Tyne, MPI Atlantic Canada Chapter
“We are confidant we are no longer missing large or small tasks, things are not falling through the cracks.”
Samantha Yeary, On Track Business Management
“Fewer and shorter meetings. Simpler collaboration with external partners. Less time spent documenting the outcome of meeting.”
Tammy Bradley, Zoro
“We generate zero emails. Action items never get lost in the shuffle anymore. New ideas and projects actually get off the ground now.”
Dave Davis, RDA Systems, Inc.
“More clarity on where we are with projects and ability to finish them on time.”
Arwen Bolton, Chinese New Years Events
“We no longer have the case of ‘oh I didn't see that email" or "I forgot to do that’ due to the reminder features.”
Monte Young, NOLA Church
More Great Features for Scouts

Having an accurate headcount is important for any activity, overnight, and leadership council. GroupSpot lets you easily RSVP and check availability on your upcoming events.

Group Calendar

Schedules are easy to find and can be  synced to your device or external calendar. Choose between month or upcoming view and never miss a beat with event reminders. 

Full-Service Chat

GroupSpot provides a full-featured, robust chat experience. You can chat 1:1, multi-person chat, or group chat with anyone in the group without having them in your personal contacts.


Subgroups allow admins to parse communications into smaller groups within the larger group. Now communications can be appropriately tailored to cut down the noise.

Automated Reminders

Reminders can be added to any event or competition. They are especially helpful around your most important events where you want increased attendance, participation, or support. 

High Trust

GroupSpot makes privacy a priority by not selling advertising or your data. Members are comfortable posting, commenting, chatting, and sharing in a high trust, closed group. 

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