Sending Mass Communications

GroupSpot allows group administrators to send different types of mass communications to keep the group updated on everything from important announcements to the score of the game.

1. From your group’s home screen, select the menu at the top right of your screen and select Communications at the bottom of your menu options.

2. Next, choose how you want to reach your audience: Push Notification, In-App Alert, Email, or Chat.

  • When you send a Push Notification, In-App Alert, or Email, prepare your message and choose your subgroups if applicable, and then press SEND.
  • If you want to Chat, select Chat from your list of communications options, and initiate a group chat.
  • A push notification is a banner that flies in from the top of your screen and will display regardless whether GroupSpot is open or closed. These are great when you are under the gun and need to get people’s attention.
  • An in-app alert is a badge with a number that appears on your group avatar. These are great for soft reminders.
  • An email is useful too in that it can get delivered to everyone in your group or if applicable, just the subgroups you select.


The final item on the Communications screen is Log which allows you to access any upcoming scheduled communications or your previously sent messages. This helps admins audit their communications.

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