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GroupSpot® makes life easier. Discover the app that’s revolutionizing how groups communicate.


For Your Real-Life Groups, Teams, and Social Circles

We know running a group is hard work. Admins are overwhelmed by responsibility and group members are overrun by notifications. Don't let your communications weigh you down by relying on email, group text, and multiple apps. 


We Take a Unique Approach

Not all groups are the same. Everyone knows a sports team has different needs than a book club. They shouldn’t be limited to the same features. On GroupSpot, you’ll find special features and attributes for select groups.


For Large Groups, Small Groups, & Everything In-Between

Mix-and-match any of GroupSpot’s special features to make your own Custom Group. Its as easy as flipping a switch to add any combination of features you choose – so you can be a Motorcycle Club that celebrates birthdays, shows off your pets, and has a team roster for your spring softball league. Flexibility and utility for all!

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The Swiss Army Knife of Group Communications

At its simplest, GroupSpot replaces the barrage of stand-alone apps that we use every day for events, RSVP, signups, and forms. On the advanced side, GroupSpot offers features like Subgroups and Sister Groups to make group management a breeze.

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Letting Go of Email

Running your group over email and group text has become increasingly difficult to do with runaway threads and chats, causing confusion and misinformation. On GroupSpot, communications are tailored to best fit the conversation, keeping important information up-to-date in real-time.

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Why GroupSpot?
Just as privacy is a core value in your real life, GroupSpot makes it a core value in your digital life. We don’t care who you’re friends with, who you vote for, or what you like to buy. That’s your business, not ours.
Control the Noise
Set the volume levels on your notifications and email preferences on a group-by-group basis. We want you to check in, check out, and get back to your regularly scheduled life.
Belong. On Your Terms.
GroupSpot is not social media. It's a private app for sharing important moments with trusted group members, free from the noise of social media.
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Can I Start a Group?

Yes! Starting a group is super easy. Your new group will thank you for getting them off email, group text, and the barrage of apps. And when you’re up and running, it won’t take long before you see how fast your community comes together on GroupSpot.

Start your group now and join our community!