A Privacy-First Alternative for Family and Friend Groups

Close knit, high trust groups thrive on GroupSpot

Families & Friends on GroupSpot

Share meaningful moments and big wins with family and close friends: curtain call at the grade school play, crossing the finish line in the local 5k, and the epic fail on the trampoline. And in between, GroupSpot ensures you’re on top of family birthdays, graduations, and anniversaries.

Safe Haven for Families
“Our family uses GroupSpot because it gives us something in short supply online these days: real privacy and a safe place for our children. I also use it to follow my old high school football and basketball teams. I was happy to highlight GroupSpot recently on ‘Sunday Today’ as a privacy-first alternative to Big Social.”
Willie Geist
NBC’s “Sunday Today with Willie Geist”

Never Miss a Celebration Again!

Tired of missing your mother-in-law’s birthday or forgetting your best friend’s anniversary? Never miss another birthday, anniversary, graduation, or other important celebration again. With Celebrations, you can stay on top of your most important dates, helping you stay closer to those who matter most.

Pets are Family Too!

Finally, there’s a place that lets you keep tabs on your cousin’s cats and best friend’s hamster! Seriously though, we love pets too and they deserve a special home on GroupSpot too. So, we’ve created a pet directory where you can share cute cat photos, comment on doggie posts, or scroll through of all your favorite furry, feathery, or scaly friends.

Celebrating Loved Ones

This is the place to remember and celebrate loved ones. Whether you’re a family, a close knit group of friends, or a group looking to your past members, you can now preserve your history. Share your favorite photos and memories as well as the heartfelt remarks made at the time of passing.

Preserving Your Past

Are all your best keepsakes buried in your attic collecting dust? Ours were too, until now… With Keepsakes, all your great historical content -- old photos, degrees, love letters, and other family heirlooms -- will be preserved and now featured in this digital scrapbook.

“Nothing can be forgotten, nothing gets lost, and everyone knows what the other is doing.”
– Maren Dickey, Kuno Creative
GroupSpot is wonderful! and that's coming from someone that loved paper school directories, is not techy, and really thought she would hate it when the school rolled this app thing out.”
Monte Young, NOLA Church
“We can see exactly what needs to be done and when. We were missing tasks and deadlines before we found Basecamp. We're much more efficient now.”
Ginny Brideau, Metro
“Everything has a place and I don't have to sift through email threads. Got new client on board with Basecamp and it's working nicely. Really like the folders so I can stash wireframes, grabs, etc. in their own space.”
Andrew Tyne, MPI Atlantic Canada Chapter
“We are confidant we are no longer missing large or small tasks, things are not falling through the cracks.”
Samantha Yeary, On Track Business Management
“Fewer and shorter meetings. Simpler collaboration with external partners. Less time spent documenting the outcome of meeting.”
Tammy Bradley, Zoro
“We generate zero emails. Action items never get lost in the shuffle anymore. New ideas and projects actually get off the ground now.”
Dave Davis, RDA Systems, Inc.
“More clarity on where we are with projects and ability to finish them on time.”
Arwen Bolton, Chinese New Years Events
“We no longer have the case of ‘oh I didn't see that email" or "I forgot to do that’ due to the reminder features.”
Monte Young, NOLA Church
More Great Features for Family & Friends
Dynamic Feed

Easy-to-use and easy-to-manage dynamic group feed. Your most important and timely content is always refreshed at the top of the feed for your members. 

Robust Calendars

Calendars can be easily synced to your device or external calendar. View your calendar in month or upcoming view and never miss a beat with event reminders. 


Having an accurate headcount is important for any family or friend get-together. GroupSpot lets you easily RSVP and check availability on your upcoming events.

Shared Photo Albums

GroupSpot gives you the ability to turn a standard photo post into a shared photo album so that members can contribute to and download from this centrally located archive.

Full Service Chat

While your feed is perfect for the more formal posts, chat is great for the banter amongst members. Chat 1:1, multi-person, or with the entire group.

High Trust

GroupSpot makes privacy a priority by not selling advertising or your data. Members are comfortable posting, commenting, chatting, and sharing in a high trust, closed group. 

Making Privacy a Core Value in Your Digital Life
“As a family, we like to stay in touch but privacy is a big concern. I'm so glad we found an app that makes us feel secure, while offering a seamless Communication platform. An app that doesn't sell our info, or bombard us with ads. Thanks for a great app, that was much needed especially during the pandemic. I can't say enough, simply life changing.”
Jim Gorman
Family Man & Father of Five
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