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Booster Clubs on GroupSpot

Booster Clubs are the backbone of the team and home to a large number of supporters. In addition to covering the team, GroupSpot helps clubs organize better with features like signups, events, RSVPs, and mass communications.  Support your team, celebrate your athletes, and bring your community of supporters together like never before.

Oh, and GroupSpot works great for sports teams and non-sports teams too…

We’ve cracked the code!
“After decades of emails and websites for kids sports, GroupSpot has finally cracked the code. It seems they have thought of everything. And it's all in one place. Highly recommend!!”
Liz Malone
Penn State Men's Lacrosse Parents

Game Day Signups

Booster activities run the gamut and need coordination, cooperation, and communication: parent socials, fundraisers, team store, pregame dinners, postgame snacks, and more. You cannot do this alone. Signups ease the burden and make it easy to share the workload. 

Preparing Your Social on GroupSpot

Socials play an important part of the booster club experience. Supporters love to come together before the big game and rally their community. But it’s not all fun and games. Behind the scenes, there are a lot of moving parts to nail the pregame tailgate or postgame social. Organizers can put together a great tailgate in a single post using popular features like signups, polls, RSVP with reminders, and directions.

Tailored Communications

GroupSpot has all the options when it comes to mass communications: push notifications, in-app alerts, emails, and chat. No more worrying about gathering contacts on your phone and managing unwieldy lists. 

Utilizing Subgroups & Subteams

If you’re running a large, organized sports program, you can create subgroups and subteams within the larger group. This is especially useful when looking at rosters, game schedules, and results by team or needing to communicate with players, parents, alumni, and fans.  

We Love Our Members 🤍

“GroupSpot is changing how we communicate with each other. It's not social media. It's efficient, app-based communication that's fun to use with privacy at the heart of the application.”
– Beth Blair, Wrestling Booster Club
“As a parent photographer, it was easy for me to load and share pics and albums with the booster families and team. All the team info, roster, and games were at our fingertips in the menu.”
Jeannette Park, High School Football Touchdown Club
“This year we moved from traditional email and text to GroupSpot. The app is a no-brainer for any organization that wants to simply have a single source for all information.”
Kevin Traynor, Penn State Men's Lacrosse Parents
“I no longer have to send separate emails out to players and parents. Everything can be done from the app. This has freed up so much extra time for me and I am extremely grateful for that!”
Jill Kaye, High School Girls Soccer Booster
“I have to admit, I was a bit intimidated at first since I am not super tech-savvy, but GroupSpot is very user friendly and intuitive.”
Ann Carmen Zivan, High School Boys Soccer Booster
“As a freshman Mom responsible for the after game meals for my son's college lacrosse team, this app made it as easy as can be. I love that I could post a signup, send communications, and text 1:1 all within the same app!
Pattie Falch, Muhlenberg Men’s Lacrosse Booster Group
“Absolutely love GroupSpot! I'm able to keep up with my two nephews on the East Coast from my home on the West Coast - it's the next best thing to being there!”
Mitzi Overland, Extended Family Member
“We were looking for a way to bring our group together and share info. GroupSpot was that and more. No more back and forth email and all the info was there to access. This app has allowed our program to become more cohesive which helps growing the club.
Tom Padilla, High School Boys Booster Club
At its heart, GroupSpot is designed to connect. I am happy to say that it has connected us all at Ridgewood Crew.
Zhen Sullivan, High School Crew Booster President
Vroom! Vroom!
As a new admin for Franklin & Marshall men’s soccer booster club, someone recently asked me how it was going for me on GroupSpot… I told them I feel like I'm in a Ferrari at a red light waiting for it to turn green. This app has everything you need and it’s super easy to use.
David Mintz
Franklin & Marshall Men‘s Soccer Boosters
More great features to elevate your game
Games, Matches, & Comps

You now have a snapshot of your team results, schedule, and upcoming matchups. If you have multiple teams like a high school, you can easily divide your program into subteams.


Once you’re created your new season and you’re ready to move on to the next, GroupSpot lets you easily roll one season into the next. 


Whether you’d like to know who made the big play or who you’re sitting next to in the stands, Rosters have replaced the unwieldy lanyards once needed at games. 

Team Chat

GroupSpot provides a full-featured, robust chat experience. You can chat 1:1, multi-person chat, and full team chat with anyone in the group without having them in your contacts.


Scoreboards can be custom designed with your team colors. Update the score once the game gets started, add the time of game, and even provide play-by-play for remote supporters.

High Trust

GroupSpot makes privacy a priority by not selling advertising or data. Members are comfortable posting, commenting, chatting, and sharing in a high trust, closed group. 

Community building at Mules Lax
GroupSpot deserves 10 Stars. What a stellar communication tool! The multiple features created such an organized approach to support the players, coaches, and family community with information so easily accessible in real time. GroupSpot is the parent group's go to place for Mules lax.
Jenn Quinn
Muhlenberg Men's Lacrosse Boosters
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