The Utility of a
Swiss Army Knife

GroupSpot gives you the tools to run any sized group. From small, independent groups to large, organized groups, you now have a full-service platform to mobilize your people. Flexibility and utility for all. 

Full Service Features

The Swiss Army Knife of group communications, GroupSpot gives admins all the important features they need to run their groups in a modern, highly efficient, and super effective way.
Dynamic Feed
Easy-to-navigate and easy-to-manage dynamic group feed. Your most important and timely content is always refreshed at the top of the feed for your members. 
Change your view inside your group with a simple swipe. Navigate among your main feed, your upcoming calendar view, and your pinned post view. 
Calendars can be easily synced to your device or external calendar. Choose between upcoming or monthly view calendars and never miss a beat with event reminders. 
Custom Identity
Let them know who you are with a great header and avatar. Include group details like location, social media, rules, and about. Teams can even add their school colors to show their spirit.    
While your feed is perfect for the more formal posts, chat is great for the banter amongst members. Chat 1:1, multi-person, or with the entire group.
Group Details
Give your members a quick overview of your group, including admins, creation date, location, group settings, website, social media, rules, and about. 
Dark Mode
GroupSpot offers a dark mode setting for dim light situations and at night. This setting is especially useful when reading in low light with less eye strain.


Craft posts that fit your needs: create a shared photo album with a standard post, attach a signup to your next event, or add reminders to an upcoming game. 
Recurring Events
In a single event post, you can fill your entire calendar with recurring events. You also have the ability to edit them all at once or one at a time. Easy to create and intuitive by nature. 
Adding geo-mapped locations to any post is easy. Renaming and saving locations makes them easy to find for future reference and reuse. 
Event Status
Event status can be updated at any time. Scheduled events can be postponed, canceled, have a new date or time, and many more options. We have your change of event covered.
RSVP & Availability
RSVP and Availability can extend to players on a roster or your entire group. You can now have an accurate headcount for the big game or the end-of-year BBQ.
Weather Forecasts
Our weather predictor shows up on any event post three days out from the actual event. This helps with general planning, travel, and any last minute changes required.
Pinned Posts
Want to give your most important posts more prominence? Now you can by pinning posts. Swipe views to arrive at your pinned post view. 
Post Author
Organizers have the option to post as the voice of the group or themselves. Sometimes people prefer the anonymity of the group, other times they want to be clear about who’s posting.

Adding to your Posts

Create dynamic posts by adding photos and video or important attachments, signups, polls, and forms. Give your members all the information they need in a single post. 
Shared Photo Albums
GroupSpot gives you the ability to turn a standard photo post into a shared photo album so that members can contribute to and download from this centrally located archive.
Why say it when you can show it? GroupSpot gives you the ability to share your favorite short-form video clips with your audience across both posts and chats.
Signups make it easy to share the workload. They’re fun to create and can be attached to any post. You can even assign blocks of time and members to the tasks.
Attachments can be added to any post. Hit the plus button and add that important file. Attachments live in a single repository in your menu, making them easy to find. 
Want to get a steer from your membership on an open question? GroupSpot allows you to easily create polls which can help guide operations on key issues.
Gathering information from your members has never been easier. Easy-to-view results that can be printed from your phone. This is helpful with registration, merchandise orders, and surveys.
Take attendance across important events to accurately track participation. Attendance summaries can be exported to hold members accountable and keep admins organized.

Scheduling & Delivery

Schedule and deliver your posts, emails, push notifications, and in-app alerts where you want, when you want. And take advantage of automated reminders so you can set it and forget it.
Post Display
When creating events or games, choose to have them live on both your feed and calendar for near term events or calendar only for events in the future.
Similar to email, you can save your posts as drafts. This is helpful when you’re in the middle of a post or you just want to schedule the post for later.
Post Silencer
Turn off new post notifications when posting off-hours or you’re not looking to draw attention to a specific post. This works well when adding a season's worth of events or games.
Automated Reminders
Set automated reminders on your most important events so you never miss a beat. Choose between push notifications and emails. Lessen your load with automated reminders.


Organize your group to your liking. Set your join and posting preferences, build your team of admins, and take advantage of subgroups and à la carte features. 
Mass Communications
Notify members of important information with push notifications, in-app alerts, or emails. For the lighter stuff, you always have group chat.
Member Directory
Start by knowing who belongs to your group and how to reach them, especially those not in your personal contacts. Member details are easy to update in your profile settings.
À La Carte Features
While the standard feature set is plenty for most groups, admins also have the ability to add universal features à la carte – Rosters, Celebrations, etc. – to their group menu.
Member Administration
We realize it takes a village. When you need a hand, promote members to admin or co-owner. And when it's time to pass the torch, GroupSpot makes it easy to step down.
Subgroups allow admins to parse communications into smaller groups within the larger group. Now communications can be appropriately tailored to cut down the noise.
Sister Groups
You can now connect like but separate groups with sister groups. This is especially helpful with cross-promotional initiatives like fundraising and recruiting.
Group Cloning
Looking to create a splinter group, a temporary group, or repurpose a group of similar nature? GroupSpot makes it easy to copy your existing group, and membership, into a new one.


Teams are thriving on GroupSpot. From sports teams and booster clubs to academic teams and non-sports teams, GroupSpot provides all teams with custom features to raise their game. 
Games, Matches & Comps
Enjoy a snapshot of your team results, schedule, and upcoming matchups. And if you’re a program with multiple teams, you can easily divide your program into team subgroups.
Rosters help you know who made the big play or who you’re sitting next to in the stands. They're easy to use and as self-service as you want them to be.
Custom Scoreboards
Team scoreboards breathe life into the game day experience. Scoreboards can be custom designed with your team colors. Then you can add score, time of game, and play-by-play.
Once you’ve finished your current season and you’re ready to move on to the next, GroupSpot lets you easily roll one season into the next.

Other Difference Makers

Don’t be afraid to personalize your experience on GroupSpot. People are posting, commenting, chatting, and sharing as themselves because they are comfortable in high trust, closed groups.
Personalize Your Experience
Start by creating a personal or professional profile. Share personal contact information in your member directory. And set your notifications on a group-by-group basis.
Profiles & Privacy Settings
Create personal or professional profiles to suit each group. Customize your notifications and your contact availability on a group-by-group basis.
High Trust
GroupSpot makes privacy a priority by not selling advertising or your data. Members are comfortable posting, commenting, chatting, and sharing in high trust, closed groups.
Start your group now and join our community!