We don’t care to know you. Really. We don’t care who you’re friends with, where you work, your politics, what media you consume, or what you like to buy. GroupSpot’s product is the platform, not you. Use a throwaway email address to signup, a fake name for your profile, and lie about your location (or don’t enter it at all!). We don’t care, because we're not spying on you. Our goal is to create an awesome group communications app. So if you want to join a fake group with a fake profile then, well, that’d be a little weird, but knock yourself out. At GroupSpot, our privacy policy can be summed up pretty easily: you own your data, period.


You own everything you post and/or create. It will never be sold, shared, or even monitored. If we’re made aware of illegal content then we’ll have to deal with it as provided by law. But otherwise, we’re not interested. We’re not scanning your photos with facial recognition software, running your posts through Artificial Intelligence, or building a social network graph of everyone you contact. We’re not doing anything with your content other than hosting it.


We don't track you. And we don't give your data to others so that they might track you. It's that simple.

Data Collection

We of course need to collect some data from you in order for our app to function. So here's what we collect and what we do with it:



Device ID