Serving the Many Needs of Greek Life

Balancing fun and philanthropy with your brothers and sisters

Greek Life on GroupSpot

Greek Life is the ultimate college experience for many young men and women. Fraternities and sororities deserve a communications platform they can rely on, trust, and serve their many needs. Hello GroupSpot! GroupSpot streamlines communications around events and socials, organizes volunteer activities, and gauges interest and measures engagement through polls, sign-ups, and forms.

We’ve cracked the code!
“After decades of emails and websites for kids sports, GroupSpot has finally cracked the code. It seems they have thought of everything. And it's all in one place. Highly recommend!!”
Liz Malone
Penn State Men's Lacrosse Parents

Main Feed vs Chat

When it comes to chapter communications, start by choosing between your feed and chat. The feed is great for the traditional, bigger ticket items like socials, events, fundraisers, important attachments, and volunteer signups. And then there’s chat for the lighter, every day back-and-forth. You can easily navigate between the two depending on the nature of the communication.

Supersized Events

GroupSpot makes creating and managing standalone and recurring events a walk in the park. Dress up chapter meetings, philanthropy events, and upcoming socials with photos, location, RSVP, and arrival times. Then add signups, forms, and polls. You can even add custom automated event reminders to set it and forget it, or adjust the status of the meeting if things suddenly change.

Chapter Communication
“Organizing a group of 80 college guys is definitely a challenge and only having one big group chat doesn’t cut it anymore. GroupSpot has everything our chapter needs to be successful all in one app.”
Dan Collins
President, ΣAE Penn State

Digital Composite

Modeled after the widely-known Greek Composite, this feature functions as a “digital composite,” including all active members of the chapter in a professional layout. Create profiles that include custom attributes like class year, role, major, hometown, and high school. Different from the member directory which is about getting in touch, the composite is a fun way to learn more about your brothers and sisters.

High Trust Privacy

Privacy is paramount for any fraternity or sorority. GroupSpot makes it a priority by not selling advertising or private member data. Inside a truly private group, members are comfortable posting, commenting, chatting, and sharing content using their real names and real photos, which ultimately builds community.


The attendance feature allows admins to track member participation across important events. Whether it’s chapter meetings, study hours, or philanthropy events, attendance can be taken quickly and easily. GroupSpot ensures accurate and detailed results by assigning a check-in status (present, excused, late, absent) and a check-out status (left, left early, stayed late) to easily track the participation of each member.

More great features to elevate your chapter
Full Service Chat

Chat is great for all the banter amongst brothers and sisters. Chat 1:1, multi-person or with the entire group without loading every member into your contacts.

Shared Photo Albums

Turn standard event photo posts into a shared photo album so members can contribute to and download from a single album. Great for socials, events, or any shared experience.

Robust Calendars

From chapter meetings, to philanthropy events, to upcoming socials, calendars can be easily synced to your device or external calendar and accessed in month or upcoming view.


Whether it’s attending a philanthropic event or bringing hot dogs to the chapter BBQ, Signups make planning events easy and more efficient for those in charge.


If you’re running communications for your fraternity or sorority, GroupSpot lets you create subgroups within the larger group to tailor your communications. 


When it’s time to register for a big formal or order merchandise for the chapter, creating a form is easy. This will allow each member to respond and capture results without ever leaving GroupSpot.

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