Running your team on GroupSpot is a sure-fire way to build a tight-knit community of people who share a common passion. GroupSpot has created a personalized experience through custom features and attributes that makes any team feel right at home. Venture beyond the basics of player availability and next game details by taking advantage of GroupSpot’s full feature set to help bring your new digital community to life.

#1 GroupSpot has Custom Features & Attributes for Teams

Unlike other apps with one-size-fits-all solutions, GroupSpot makes your team feel right at home with custom features and attributes. We run the gamut with features like Games and Roster to attributes like icons and naming conventions, GroupSpot understands not all teams are the same.

#2 Add Team Colors to Liven Up Scoreboards & Roster

We know teams have a lot of pride in their colors. So GroupSpot was designed to include your team colors on your scoreboards and roster card. Open your Group Settings, find Appearance, and add your official color. Here, you can also add or edit your group header image and avatar.

#3 Repository for Your Games, Matches, Competitions

Every team needs a home for its schedule, both upcoming games and past results. You want to know how you scored and how you placed by season. GroupSpot allows you to sort by subgroup, smaller teams within the wider program (e.g., Varsity, JV, Freshman), so you can easily find the information you’re looking for. You can even get a full overview and breakdown of your program’s performance by selecting the team record drop down. Compare how your team did in the regular season vs the playoffs. It’s all there.

#4 Roster Entry Made a Breeze

Rosters were designed to be as self-service as a coach wants them to be, meaning we’ve eliminated a lot of the data entry by allowing parents and players to create their roster profile when they join the team. Coaches can then edit, delete, and merge roster contacts at any time. Rosters are equally useful when you want to find out who made the big play or who you’re sitting next to in the bleachers.

#5 Roster Management & Settings

If the coach or organizer decides to input the rosters on their own, Roster Management from your Group Settings is a great resource that allows you to quickly edit your team members. Roster Settings, also found in your Group Settings, is where you can toggle on roster details à la carte (photo, number, position, class, height, weight, captain, etc.). You can even create custom roster fields for those unique team attributes you want to highlight (for example, ‘Hometown,’ for college teams). Rosters can be edited by the parents/players or the admins only, whatever your preference. And admins can make parents/player roster contact details visible or hidden from the group.

#6 Preserve Your Team's History with Seasons

If your team has seasons, definitive start and end points in time based on schedule, GroupSpot helps you catalog your wins-losses-schedule by season. So when your current season ends and you’re ready to move on, GroupSpot lets you roll one season into the next, preserving your most important content (posts, game results, rosters, etc.), making the transition from one season to the next seamless while making past season data easy to find. Teams can find Seasons in their Group Settings.

#7 Subgroups for Programs with Multiple Teams

GroupSpot lets you segment the full group into subgroups. This is especially useful when you look at rosters or game schedules on a team-by-team basis. You can also create posts or send mass communications that target a particular subgroup. Subgroups can be designated as team (Varsity, JV, Freshman, etc.) or non-team subgroups (parents, boosters, alumni, etc.). Locate Organization in your Group Settings and select Subgroups to get started. And if a player or parent needs to get reassigned to a different subgroup, choose Assign Subgroups, also located in Organization.

#8 Create Signups Right on GroupSpot

Volunteer signups are an important responsibility of the team. Trying to get volunteers over email or group text is messy, and using separate 3rd party solutions like SignupGenius is needlessly cumbersome. Signups on GroupSpot are simple and effective to use. And they are especially helpful on game day.

#9 Communications Tailored to Your Needs

Tailoring your communications to your needs is one of the biggest benefits of a mobile-first platform. Choose from a menu that includes push notifications, in-app alerts, email, and chat. When there's a thunderstorm and practice is suddenly canceled, send a push notification. When you want to remind your team the merchandise store is closing, use a soft reminder like an in-app alert. For lighter stuff, like questions for the group, group chat is also effective and fun.

#10 Elevate Your Game Day Experience with Score Updates & Play-by-Play!

Let’s not forget, the most important part of game day is the actual game. On your custom scoreboards, when you select the three dot menu on your game post, you will see an option to Update Score. Once selected, you can add your score or place, indicate the status of the game (1st, 2nd, OT, etc.), and add Play-by-Play analysis. So when you aren’t at the game, but following the live play-by-play, you can easily keep up with the action. Add your photos and video from the game and you have a full repository of that game in a single post.