Creating Signups & Adding One to a Post

Signups make it easy to share the workload. They’re fun to create and can be attached to any post. You can even assign blocks of time and members to the tasks.


1. From the create post screen, start by giving your post or event a title, description, and add any optional details.

2. Press the + icon at the bottom right corner of your screen to add to your post. Select Signups from the menu of options.

3. Start creating your signup by giving your signup list a name. Then select New List Item to add your first list item. Click ADD to add it your list.

4. Add the quantity you need for this particular item. For example, you may need two people to help set up. You can also assign time slots if you have specific windows to fill. This is really helpful when scheduling volunteers. Then click Add.

5. Repeat this same process to add a second New List Item. 

6. Once you’ve filled in your signups, select DONE to return to your create post screen where you will see your new signup attached to your post. 

7. When everything is in order, select Post to publish.


Once you’ve filled in your signups, you will notice two rows at the bottom of your signup toggled off by default. The first is Lock Signup List. When toggled on, this allows you to lock the signup so that no one can make any new changes to the signup, meaning no new signups or no new undoing an existing signup.

The second row with a toggle is Save For Future Use. This allows you to save the signup so that you can reuse it in the future. If you reuse a signup, don’t worry, you can still make new edits to the duplicated signup. 

Also tapping into an existing signup is easy to do. Assuming you have signups that you saved previously, you can open Saved Signups to access the list to choose from. Reusing signups works really well for tailgates that have many of the same needs week after week. It’s a great time saver for organizers.

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