Fraternities, sororities, and even alumni, deserve a communications platform they can rely on, trust, and serve their many needs. GroupSpot streamlines communications around events and socials, organizes volunteer activities, and gauges interest and measures engagement through attendance, polls, sign-ups, RSVPs, and forms. GroupSpot takes the friction out of running your chapter, keeps your personal information safe, and builds community amongst members.

#1 Invite Members!

After you create your group, it is time to invite your members to join! You can find the invite button in your group menu in the upper-right corner of your group home screen. You can easily copy the link and send it in a group chat with your brothers/sisters.

#2 Privacy

GroupSpot makes security and privacy a priority, and does not monitor, track, use or sell any information inside of your groups. In the best way, we do not care. Your chapter’s rituals and private information will only be accessible to members in your group, and new members will need to request to join your group and then await approval from an admin.

#3 Feed vs. Chat

The biggest difference between GroupSpot and chat-apps like GroupMe is the separation of chat and feed. Unlike a chat app where important information gets lost in the flood of images and other messages, on GroupSpot your formal communications live in a feed, while your everyday banter has the perfect home in chat.

#4 Adding Features to Your Post

When making your first post, you can add great bells and whistles to your post, with features such as Attendance, Calendar, Signups, Polls, Forms, Location and RSVPs. You can also add other media by clicking the Camera icon for Photos, Shared Photo Albums and Videos.

#5 Shared Photo Albums

Sharing photos can be a hassle, and shared photo albums on GroupSpot makes sharing way easier. With a shared album, any member can contribute to and download photos from a single album. You will no longer need to use apps like Photo Circle and Shutterfly, because these albums will be stored in your group.

#6 Attendance

Taking attendance is crucial for measuring individual activity within your chapter for chapter meetings, philanthropy events, study hours and so much more. Admins are able to track member participation across important events with the Attendance feature. GroupSpot ensures accurate and detailed results by assigning a check-in status (present, excused, late, absent) and an optional check-out status (left, left early, stayed late). You can also self check-in as well. Attendance is then summarized and easily exported by date range, holding members accountable while keeping administrators organized.

#7 Shared Calendar

Organization is key when it comes to running a group of college students. You can find all of your current and upcoming events on the shared calendar located at the top of your home screen. This will give you a clear view of future chapter meetings, philanthropy events, study hours or other upcoming events. You can even sync your group calendar to your phone calendar!

#8 Digital Composite

This feature can be thought of as a “digital composite,” including all active members of the chapter in a professional layout. Create profiles that include custom attributes like class year, role, major, hometown, and high school. Different from the member directory which is about getting in touch, the composite is a fun way to learn more about your brothers and sisters!

#9 Storage and Search

All of your past and present information can be found in your group menu in the upper-right corner of your group homescreen. You will find a repository for your media, photo albums, attachments, signups, forms, and attendance. There’s also a search feature where you can easily locate past content using keywords, without having to scroll aimlessly through months of old posts.

#10 GroupSpot is not only a Greek App!

If you’re reading this article, you’re likely using GroupSpot for your Greek group, however you can use GroupSpot for other groups you’re part of too! There are many different group types to choose from and of course, a custom group option if your desired group does not fit these categories. Having more of your groups on GroupSpot streamlines your day and makes life easier. That’s exactly what GroupSpot was designed to do!