Before you take off exploring, we have a few easy-to-action recommendations to personalize your experience. First, we recommend you adjust your Notifications to your liking. GroupSpot prides itself on reducing the noise and allows you to set your notifications on a group-by-group basis, so you’ll get your communications exactly how you want them.

Next, we recommend adjusting your personal settings. It’s important that your group admins know who you are, so adding your first and last name along with a good picture of yourself helps everyone know who they’re engaging with. If you want to add more personal information such as address, birthday, and your social media credentials, you can also add that to your profile.

On GroupSpot, we take your privacy seriously. You will notice that your personal contact details and your public social media are turned off by default. To make your personal details visible to your group, Profile Visibility is a two-step process: a) update your profile and then b) make your profile details visible to your group.

Once you’ve updated your profile, you can now make your personal contact details visible to your group. To do so, go to Profile Visibility from your group settings to access a menu of items you can make visible. Toggle on the personal details you’re comfortable sharing: email, mobile, address, bio, birthday, and social media. And just like notifications, you can manage your profile visibility on a group-by-group basis as well. You decide which contact details are visible or hidden from each of your groups on GroupSpot.

Once you’ve personalized your experience, have a scroll through your group’s feed and swipe through the different views GroupSpot provides. When you open your group, you land on your group's primary feed, but one swipe left is your upcoming calendar view, and then one more swipe left, is your group’s pinned post content.

The other popular first-touch item is exploring your Group Menu by selecting the top right menu icon. You will find all the big ticket features you’d expect to see: Member Directory, Photos, Video, Attachments, and more. GroupSpot has even built special features for special group types because we know groups are not all the same, so they shouldn’t have the same feature sets.

Once you’re finished personalizing and exploring, it’s time to engage with other group members. GroupSpot doesn’t employ a like-system so you’ll never feel pressured to thumbs up every post or heart emoji every photo. Instead, we encourage engagement that moves the group forward not sideways. Volunteer for a signup, RSVP to an event, add a photo to a shared photo album, leave a comment on an important post, and create a chat with a small group or the entire group. We want you to check-in, check-out, and get back to your regularly scheduled life.

Once you get your bearings and start using GroupSpot more frequently, we encourage you to move GroupSpot closer to the apps you open every day. Further, we encourage you to think about the groups in your real life and your networks. Many of the same features that work great for your group, work equally great in other types of groups, and starting a new group is a breeze.

One more important thing to know is that GroupSpot is largely consumed by members on their phones while on the go, but most admins use GroupSpot on the web which allows them to use a keyboard and larger monitor. Both the app and web work in tandem together serving the needs of the group. To use GroupSpot on the web:

If you ever have a question about getting started, you can always drop us a line at You will be blown away when a human promptly answers your question.

This is your appetizer on getting started, the tip of the iceberg, a great place to start your voyage ahead. Here’s to smooth sailing.