Creating an Event Post

What makes an event post different from a standard post is the addition of a start date and time. Once these details are added, your new event post will always appear on your calendar. You can also add a number of other details to dress up your event post following the steps below:

1. From your group’s home screen, select Event from the dropdown in your upper navigation to get started.

2. Give your event a title and add any important details. Then work your way through the fields below.

3. Events are distinct because they always need a start date and time, and as a result, they will always appear on your calendar. You can also make your event a recurring event if it repeats.

4. Next add any optional info such as:

  • Location - Let your members know where your event is happening with a location that can include Google Maps directions.
  • RSVP - Get an accurate headcount with RSVP. If you’re a team, you can RSVP for rostered players only or all members of the group.
  • Status - Adding a status to your event work great, especially when dealing with last minute changes, such as your event is canceled or postponed.
  • Reminders - Set it and forget it is the name of the game with reminders. Add push notification and/or email reminders when you create your event post.
  • Display On  - GroupSpot defaults events to publish to both your Feed & Calendar, but this can be changed to Calendar Only for events in the distant future. 

5. Once you’ve filled in your most important details, hit the green POST button to publish your event. 

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