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Our schools are extremely busy behind the scenes. Schedules are changing daily. Keeping up with the emails and texts is a challenge. When things change quickly, streamlined communication is paramount. Our community of parent volunteers who make up the HSAs, PTOs, & PTAs deserve a communications platform they can rely on and trust.

Catch the revolution in school communications
“We struggled to find a partner who could adequately handle a mobile directory for our large school district. That is, until we found GroupSpot. They have revolutionized the way we communicate to our school communities. GroupSpot has become the first stop of the day for thousands of our community members to get their information.”
Kathy Marshall
Federated Home & School Association

Mobile Directory

Paper directories are a keepsake of the past. Parents today expect immediate access to their school directories on the go. More than just a great resource for school communications, GroupSpot has built a robust platform for school directories. Access to students, parents, and faculty, as well as headline school information, committees, and school partners… It’s all there. 

Bring Your School Calendar to Life

More than just a robust platform for school directories, GroupSpot is a great resource for school communications. Notify members of important school events with push notifications, in-app alerts, or emails. Set event notifications or email reminders. And utilize group chat as a place for your members to ask questions or share information.  

We Love Our Members 💚

“The app is intuitive even for the most basic of mobile users and has become a one-stop-shop for all of our announcements, family and class listings. The feedback from parents has been amazing.”
– Jess Auerbach, Elementary School Parent
“GroupSpot has all the information in a clean and organized format. Communication is clear, simple and timely. It is ideal for schools, sports, and other organizations.”
Becca Johnson, High School Parent
“The GroupSpot is my favorite new app of the year. Information about my kids' three schools are all right at my fingertips. And as admin, I'm able to upload new items for distribution on the fly from wherever I happen to be at the moment. I highly recommend it.”
Amy Beiersdorf, High School Parent
“GroupSpot has been the perfect app for communicating to a large elementary school with over 350 families and 500 students. It's been an amazing addition to our school. I can't imagine the school year without it!
Lauren Dunleavy, Elementary School Parent
“GroupSpot is wonderful… and that’s coming from someone that loved paper school directories and not techie. It's very easy to use. Having my kid’s schools and their activities all on the one app is so convenient. It's much easier to stay on top of information.”
Christina Lear, Elementary School Parent
“GroupSpot brings together all the information and resources needed for local students, parents and family. It minimizes the need for hard copy directories, schedules, and related materials... Use the app for one day and you'll wonder how you ever got along without it.
John Caiafa, School Organizer
“GroupSpot is a great tool to organize and keep everyone in the loop. We uploaded our school directory and love its ease of use, especially the search function.”
Carol Waldman, Middle School Parent
“I could not live without GroupSpot! It makes communicating with the members so much easier and streamlined. It's the only app I go to on a daily basis that keeps my life organized.
Whitney Klein, School Organizer and Parent Volunteer
We're so happy with the customer service. They always respond to questions and comments right away and take much pride in what they do.”
Jen Giammarella, Elementary School Parent
More Great Features to Raise the Bar
Dynamic Feed

Easy-to-use and easy-to-manage dynamic group feed. Your most important and timely content is always refreshed at the top of the feed for your members. 

Robust Calendars

School calendars can be easily synced to your device or external calendar. View your calendar in month or upcoming view and never miss a beat with event reminders. 

Signups for All Occasions

Signups are super important for any school organization and they can be attached to any post. You can even assign blocks of time and specific members to the tasks.


GroupSpot lets you save your posts as drafts. This is helpful when you’re in the middle of a post or you just want to schedule the post for later.

Easy to Find Attachments

Attachments can be added to any post. Hit the plus button and add that important file to your post. Attachments also live in a single repository in your menu, making them easy to find. 

Member Administration

Even the greatest parent volunteers need help. GroupSpot lets you promote members to admin or co-owner. And when the school year ends, GroupSpot makes it easy to step down.

Information on the go for today’s mobile family
“Our district of 1200 families was struggling with email and website hosting. GroupSpot allowed us to pivot to real time mobile information for our school. Initial setup and making updates is incredibly simpler with this app. Our non-technical board quickly learned how to navigate and make posts on GroupSpot. Game changer for fast paced information sharing, directory functions, and notifications.”
Gwen Marquardt
Ramapo High School Association of Parents, Teachers, & Students
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